Why IDA?

Why should you submit to (and participate in) the 19th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis?

  • IDA accepts all inspiring papers for both presentation and publication.
  • IDA promotes ideas over performance (wonder how? see below).
  • In order to create an open atmosphere that encourages discussion, IDA symposia are intentionally small-scale and single-track.
  • IDA is still about science.

In addition to the above, IDA 2021 will feature:

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Ideas over performance

IDA 2021 uses different acceptance criteria and reviewer guidelines than most conferences in the field. We solicit full papers, which will be peer-reviewed following criteria that emphasize novelty and relevance over other factors. Further, any paper for which at least one Program Committee Advisor writes an informed, thoughtful, and positive review will be accepted irrespective of other reviews. Further, the meeting format is designed to foster interaction and discussion. In particular, presentations are scheduled in a single track, with plenty of time for the kinds of interaction that can be catalyzed by innovative work and the presence of scientists from diverse backgrounds.