Accepted Papers

5Hyperspherical Weight Uncertainty in Neural NetworksBiraja Ghoshal and Allan TuckerModeling with Neural NetworksANN 1
53Partially Monotonic Learning for Neural NetworksJoana Trindade, João Vinagre, Kelwin Fernandes, Nuno Paiva, and Alípio JorgeModeling with Neural NetworksANN 1
55Multiple-manifold Generation with an Ensemble GAN and Learned Noise PriorMatthew Amodio and Smita KrishnaswamyModeling with Neural NetworksANN 1
57Simple, Efficient and Convenient Decentralized Multi-task Learning for Neural NetworksAmaury Bouchra Pilet, Davide Frey, and Francois TaïaniModeling with Neural NetworksANN 2
59Deep Hybrid Neural Networks with Improved Weighted Word Embeddings for Sentiment AnalysisRania Othman, Rim Faiz, Youcef Abdelsadek, Kamel Chelghoum, and Imed KacemModeling with Neural NetworksANN 2
91Explaining Neural Networks by Decoding Layer ActivationsJohannes Schneider and Michalis VlachosModeling with Neural NetworksANN 2
98Analogical Embedding for Analogy-Based Learning to RankMohsen Ahmadi Fahandar and Eyke HüllermeierModeling with Neural NetworksANN 2
108HORUS-NER: A Multimodal Named Entity Recognition Framework for Noisy DataDiego Esteves, José Marcelino, Piyush Chawla, Asja Fischer, and Jens LehmannModeling with Neural NetworksANN 2
14Incremental Search Space Construction for Machine Learning Pipeline SynthesisMarc-André Zöller, Tien-Dung Nguyen, and Marco F. HuberModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 1
26Adversarial Vulnerability of Active Transfer LearningNicolas M. Müller and Konstantin BöttingerModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 1
28Revisiting Non-specific Syndromic SurveillanceMoritz Kulessa, Eneldo Loza Mencía, and Johannes FürnkranzModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 1
32Gradient Ascent for Best Response RegressionVictoria Racher and Christian BorgeltModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 1
41Intelligent Structural Damage Detection: A Federated Learning ApproachAli Anaissi, Basem Suleiman, and Mohamad NajiModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 2
71Composite Surrogate for Likelihood-Free Bayesian Optimisation in High-Dimensional Settings of Activity-Based Transportation ModelsVladimir Kuzmanovski and Jaakko HollménModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 2
75Active Selection of Classification FeaturesThomas T. Kok, Rachel M. Brouwer, Rene M. Mandl, Hugo G. Schnack, and Georg KremplModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 2
79Feature Selection for Hierarchical Multi-label ClassificationLuan V. M. da Silva and Ricardo CerriModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 2
81Bandit Algorithm for both Unknown Best Position and Best Item Display on Web PagesCamille-Sovanneary Gauthier, Romaric Gaudel, and Elisa FromontModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 3
87Performance Prediction for Hardware-Software Configurations: A Case Study for Video GamesSven Peeters, Vitalik Melnikov, and Eyke HüllermeierModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 3
110AVATAR — Automated Feature Wrangling for Machine LearningGust Verbruggen, Elia Van Wolputte, Sebastijan Dumančić, and Luc De RaedtModeling with Statistical LearningSTAT 3
18Semantically Enriching Embeddings of Highly Inflectable Verbs for Improving Intent Detection in a Romanian Home Assistant ScenarioAndrei-Cristian Rad, Ioan-Horia-Mihai Muntean, Anda-Diana Stoica, Camelia Lemnaru, Rodica Potolea, and Mihaela DînșoreanuModeling Language and GraphsLANG & GRAPH 1
36BoneBert: A BERT-based Automated Information Extraction System of Radiology Reports for Bone Fracture Detection and DiagnosisZhihao Dai, Zhong Li, and Lianghao HanModeling Language and GraphsLANG & GRAPH 1
39Linking the Dynamics of User Stance to the Structure of Online DiscussionsChristine Largeron, Andrei Mardale, and Marian-Andrei RizoiuModeling Language and GraphsLANG & GRAPH 1
89Unsupervised Methods for the Study of Transformer EmbeddingsMira Ait Saada, François Role, and Mohamed NadifModeling Language and GraphsLANG & GRAPH 1
114A Framework for Authorial Clustering of Shorter Texts in Latent Semantic SpacesRafi Trad and Myra SpiliopoulouModeling Language and GraphsLANG & GRAPH 1
20DeepGG: A Deep Graph GeneratorJulian Stier and Michael GranitzerModeling Language and GraphsLANG & GRAPH 2
29SINr: Fast Computing of Sparse Interpretable Node Representations is not a Sin!Thibault Prouteau, Victor Connes, Nicolas Dugué, Anthony Perez, Jean-Charles Lamirel, Nathalie Camelin, and Sylvain MeignierModeling Language and GraphsLANG & GRAPH 2
33Detection of Contextual Anomalies in Attributed GraphsRémi Vaudaine, Baptiste Jeudy, and Christine LargeronModeling Language and GraphsLANG & GRAPH 2
83Ising-Based Louvain Method: Clustering Large Graphs with Specialized HardwarePouya Rezazadeh Kalehbasti, Hayato Ushijima-Mwesigwa, Avradip Mandal, and Indradeep GhoshModeling Language and GraphsLANG & GRAPH 2
21Reducing Negative Impact of Noise in Boolean Matrix Factorization with Association RulesPetr Krajča and Martin TrneckaModeling Special Data FormatsFORMAT 1
38Z-Hist: A Temporal Abstraction of Multivariate Histogram SnapshotsZed Lee, Nicholas Anton, Panagiotis Papapetrou, and Tony LindgrenModeling Special Data FormatsFORMAT 1
97MUPPETS: Multipurpose Table SegmentationGust Verbruggen, Lidia Contreras-Ochando, Cèsar Ferri, José Hernández-Orallo, and Luc De RaedtModeling Special Data FormatsFORMAT 1
109SpLyCI: Integrating Spreadsheets by Recognising and Solving Layout ConstraintsDirko Coetsee, Steve Kroon, McElory Hoffmann, and Luc De RaedtModeling Special Data FormatsFORMAT 2
45RTL: A Robust Time Series Labeling AlgorithmFrederique van Leeuwen, Bas Bosma, Arjan van den Born, and Eric PostmaModeling Special Data FormatsFORMAT 2
50The Compromise of Data Privacy in Predictive PerformanceTânia Carvalho and Nuno MonizModeling Special Data FormatsFORMAT 2
104Efficient Privacy Preserving Distributed K-Means for Non-IID DataAndré Brandão, Ricardo Mendes, and João P. VilelaModeling Special Data FormatsFORMAT 2