PhD Track Schedule

1Predictive models using causal networksAna Rita Nogueira, FCUP
3Recommender Systems for Scientific FieldsMárcia Barros, FCUL
5Trustability in Data-Driven Decision Models for Public PolicySónia Teixeira, FEUP
6Automated Privacy Preserving StrategiesTânia Carvalho, FCUP
7Personalize Counterfactual explanation interactively in real-time using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)Ahmed Fares, FEUP
2Reminiscence Therapy Improvement Using Emotional InformationSoraia Alarcão, FCUL
4Using Machine Learning in Simulation-Based Data Analytics to Identify Quality-Of-Life-increasing Interventions for Prostate and Breast Cancer PatientsJohannes Rust, Bremmen
8Learning Prognostic Models Using a Mixture of Biclustering and TriclusteringDiogo Soares, FCUL
9EEG to fMRI SynthesisDavid Calhas, IST
10Glycoproteogenomics Characterization in Colorectal Cancer using Deep Learning ApproachesDaniel Gonçalves, IST
11Learning prognostic biomarkers from three-dimensional biomedical data of psychiatric disordersLeonardo Alexandre, IST